Sample Work Added to this Page 

As you build your ePortfolio, a Sample Work page should include an introduction to what the course, and subsequent samples below are all about.  For this course, and using language from the syllabus, the entrepreneurship is a course designed to help students enhance their personal and professional development through innovation guided by faculty members and professionals, while at the same time, meeting a critical need for Old Dominion University.


Through a partnership with ODU’s Office of Strategic Communication and Marketing, a select group of upper level public relations, marketing or related discipline students will work, individually and in teams, as a “bureau” for the University’s central marketing and communications office. 

As you design and add content to your own COMM ePortfolio, be sure to contextualize sample work you add so that it makes sense to external readers.  For example, you might explain what you did, what the goal of an activity/event/writing sample was, what you learned, and how it benefited the organization.

Same process here, or for any subtopic area that is relevant to your learning experience! Carefully organize and add your work so it's accessible and contextualized for the reader.

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