About the Course & Instructors

Dr. O'Hallarn
Lecturer, Department of Communication & Theatre Arts
Old Dominion University
Caitlin Chandler
Executive Director of Strategic Communication & Marketing
Strategic Communication & Marketing

Course Description

The entrepreneurship is a course designed to help students enhance their personal and professional development through innovation guided by faculty members and professionals, while at the same time, meeting a critical need for Old Dominion University. Through a partnership with ODU’s Office of Strategic Communication and Marketing, a select group of upper level public relations, marketing or related discipline students will work, individually and in teams, as a “bureau” for the University’s central marketing and communications office. 


Course Purpose

This course is envisioned as a “final stop” before aspiring public relations, marketing, or social media professionals transition to the workforce. There is a unique opportunity offered for students to integrate theory and knowledge with hands-on experience carrying actual stakes - in this case, publicity and promotion for the University as a whole. The real-world experiences that entrepreneurships provide will help students understand how academic knowledge leads to transformations, innovations, and solutions to different types of problems. Students will also keep an online record of their semester’s service – providing material they can use to market themselves for professional positions.


The hoped-for goal is a robust entrepreneurial experience which is designed to:

  • Provide students with new experiential skills while applying classroom knowledge

  • Complete assignments that encourage in-depth reflection of the entrepreneurship experience.

  • Be able to assess their entrepreneurial acumen.

  • Garner hands-on work experience while developing professional work habits and skills.

  • Be able to identify how a public relations and marketing office functions in a competitive environment

  • Meet vital communications needs for a vibrant, real-world public relations, marketing, production and social media office

  • Help develop self-presentation skills through the incorporation of ePortfolio in course work

  • Reflect on what they have learned and applied throughout the semester

Supporting Faculty
Prof. Lietzenmayer
Old Dominion University

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